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Olivia Wilde Joins the Breastfeeding Brigade

Olivia Wilde adds a unique story to the recent fight for nursing mothers’ rights.

Source: Glamour
Source: Glamour

Source: Glamour

Yes, you guessed it. It’s World Breastfeeding Week, and another celebrity has spoken out in favor of breastfeeding. Olivia Wilde, actress from The O.C. and Tron: Legacy, had the cover story for this September’s Glamour. The most trend-worthy part? The picture of Wilde breastfeeding her five-month son, Otis. Wilde explains: “Being shot with Otis is so perfect because any portrait…

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Tit Bit #6

Another Tit Bit Tuesday! Just because a shirt is low-cut doesn’t mean it’s “revealing.” #tbt #bodyimage


As everyone starts thinking about what to wear to school or work (as the case may be), it’s important to remember that not everyone fits in clothes the same way. Just because a shirt is low-cut doesn’t mean it’s “revealing.”

This picture is from the spectacular Rampaige and her series Busty Girl Comics.

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Guest Report: Why Blaming Culture Doesn’t Work

Maya Stackhouse shares her thoughts on how people affect culture.

Source: Sheena

Maya Stackhouse, a Denver native studying anthropology and economics at Barnard College, shares her thoughts on how people affect culture. She may not consider herself a writer, but she definitely has a lot to say.

pagvertThis is not going to be a media-bashing, underdog-cheering, “why can’t we all just get along” fem-bot spiel. When I read Jug Report’s reviewof Samm Newman’s Instagram rejection, I was…

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Q&A with Meghan Trainor

Wanna know more about Meghan Trainor’s “thick bottom sound”? Check out my Q&A with her!


Last summer, it felt as if every conversation led to an impassioned analysis of Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines.” The song was played constantly and seen as surprisingly topical. At least, it fit well as a negative example for countless social justice issues, and only selectively as a positive one. The song became iconic through its infamy. But the candidate for this summer’s song has material…

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Tit Bit #5
Haha, you’ll never guess my size - it’s off the grid.

Is Getting Naked With Strangers More Intimate Than Kissing?

Remember Tatia Pilieva’s “First Kiss”? Here’s its more intimate cousin.

Source: news.com.au

Since it was posted on March 10, 2014, Tatia Pilieva’s “First Kiss” has had over 87 million views. Pilieva’s description of the short black and white film is very simple: “We asked twenty strangers to kiss for the first time…” The film went viral, with countless parodies and commentaries. There was even a filmwith 20 strangers who “weren’t models.” A lot of people did seem to have an issue with…

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Instagram Now Fat Shaming?

Instagram may not be the only one guilty of fat shaming Samm Newman.


Recently, the social media app Instagram has been under major scrutiny. As the site attempts to maintain a comfortable environment for its users, it ends up deleting profiles it had no right to remove in the first place. Breastfeeding mothers have had their accounts deleted, along with women who are fighting for equal topless rights (such as celebrities Rihanna and Scout Willis). The recent…

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Time for another Tit Bit Tuesday - #tbt anyone?

While somewhat on the hard-to-read side, this Tit Bit features two of my nerdy guilty pleasures. 10 points to whoever can guess both of them! Image courtesy of my godmother.

Guest Report: Getting It Off My Chest: Why I Chose Breast Reduction

Check out the latest Guest Report - this one’s from the amazing Feminspire’s Jackie Klein!


Jackie Klein, a writer for Feminspire.com, shares a piece she wrote in October 2012. This piece was cross-posted with permission.

5639633497_8038884e81_oImagine you have to carry around an extra 10 to 20 pounds of fat on your body every day. It just sits there centralized on one location of your body, and there’s not really much you can do about it. No amount of dieting and exercise will change it. You can’t just…

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