Implant Witch Hunt

The media’s implant witch hunt has extended to Kylie Jenner, and doesn’t seem to be stopping.

Source: Images Arena

The Kardashians never fail to remain in the spotlight, but their most recent headline has made me pause. Kylie Jenner has been accused of getting breast implants. Despite being the youngest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan at 16, Kylie is not immune to media criticism. But she’s fighting back, and media stunt or not, she has a very important message.

these plastic surgery rumors hurt my feelings to…

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apparently I can’t wear v neck anything without someone saying “cover up your tits”

TITSPIRATION 8 | My Sense of Humor

Rebecca Twiggs shares her #titspiration: her revolutionary sense of humor. Who says women can’t be funny?


Rebecca Twiggs shares her #titspiration: her sense of humor.


My #titspiration would have to be my sense of humor. I love making people laugh, as I believe the sound of genuine laughter is beautiful. 

When I was younger, I was shy to let this part me show, as I was taught that it was unappealing, that only boys could make jokes. I still sometimes hear those remarks, but for the most part the…

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One day I will bra shop without crying. Today isn’t it.


There are no words for how accurate this is.

FINALLY! This makes sense!


ah yes the unfathomable diversity in the plus size bra section

I’m a bit fucked


The under wire in my last bra just broke and I don’t have 60 bucks to buy a new bra.

Story of my life.